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We use no bi-products or fillers (like the heart, liver etc...) Only choice cuts of meat here! Outlet

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  Looking for a great high protein Snack! Tommy's Jerky Outlet features over 50 different varieties of all-natural jerky. We have taken ordinary jerky to a whole new level with our wealth of flavors and variety of meats. We have a wide range of spice levels, from our lightly sweet Tender Teriyaki to our blazing Diablo flavor, ensuring that all jerky lovers can find a flavor they enjoy.

In addition to traditional beef jerky, we also cure exotic and wild game meats including kangaroo, salmon, alligator and elk, to create a wider variety of textures and flavors. We also carry some similar snacks like old-fashioned smokies (beef sticks), Gourmet Hot Pepper Bacon Jam, Montana Girl Mustard, Deep Fried Peanuts, Sea Salt Pita Chips and Kettle Corn. 

By supporting us as a local business, you help ensure we are going to be here for when that craving for jerky hits you or you need a gift or going on a road trip, camping and concerts. Protein is just what you need to keep going throughout the day. It can also help you lose weight by not eating a big lunch or a sugar laced snack high in carbs telling your body to store it by upping your insulin level. Not all jerky is low in fat because they do not hand cut and trim. Tommy's Jerky is low in sodium and it's good for your health!

Our Burger Bar



Great for grilling out or that special occasion!

We offer Ground Games:

Bison, Elk, Goat, Kangaroo, Rabbit, Venison, Wild Boar and Camel.

Chunked Meet:

Bison and Elk

Bison Franks

Wild Boar Bacon





Gourmet Sausages:

Alligator Andouille

Bison w/Chipotle

Elk w/Pears and Red Wine

Lamb w/Mergguez

Pheasant w/Cognac

Rabbit w/Herbs/White Wine

Venison w/Blueberries/Merlot

Boar w/ Cranberries/Red Wine

Wild Boar beef jerky outlet

Our Jerky Trucks



Our mission is to serve the working men and women of Central Ohio and help companies lose downtime on the job, by bringing a High Protein, Low Fat, Low Carb and Low Sodium Option to employees.  

We cater to workers of factories, construction sites, small business and offices, so they don’t have to run out for lunch or break. We do not require a contract or a fee to service your company. We simply want the opportunity to add you to one of our Daily Routes and to please you by pleasing your employees. 

Home or Work Delivery

Place your order with us by phone or online and if you live within one of the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio or within the Outer-belt of I 270 we

 will deliver it directly to you.

Monday - Friday! beef jerky

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